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Bear Cave

      Bear Cave is formed of two huge boulders and is situated near Nation Bungalow an oldest bungalow here.  This is situated within a private coffee estate owned by a Mettur based business man.  The main part of the cave is situated about 7 feet below the ground level and contains a deeper gorge which is believe by the local people to lead up to the cave situated in the Shervaroyan Temple.  Special arrangement has to mad to reach this place.

Bears Hill

     Bears hill is the one diagonally adjacent to Monfort on the South Eastern side of Yercaud.  It also lies to the East of Sacred Heart Convent one gets a panoramic view of the portion of Yercaud covered with Schools and Seminaries.  2 km from Yercaud Town.

The Retreat

     The Retreat belongs to a Religious Society founded by St. Don Bosco (1815 – 1888).  The Saint wanted his spiritual son, popularly known as Salesians of Don Bosco, to work for the poor land abandoned youth thorough schools, technical institutes, agricultural and trade schools.  The Retreat serves as a Novitiate house where students of the religious order stay and study.

The Grange

      This is one of the oldest buildings in Yercaud, built some time in the 1820s MD Cockburn the then Collector established the first commercial plantation in this area and planted Coffee, Oranges, Apples and other fruit trees brought from South Africa.  The other coffee plantation in Tamil Nadu are said to have originated from this humble beginning.  During the sepoy Mutiny, great efforts were made to strengthen the roof and ramparts were built with Gun emplacements and 3 Canons were mounted at vantage points.  A large cellar was made to hold provisions for about 6 months in case there was a long siege and the Europeans of the Area had to hold off insurgents.  Well this never happened and all was peaceful during those years.  There is a well planned and executed Resort alongside the Grange, set amidst coffee & Orange plantations and Silver Oak Trees, a delightful get away for the well heeled travelers.